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The Goal. Winning in PUBG is simple: be the last player (or team) standing. The game is a battle-royale survival game that pits 100 individual players against each other in a fight to the death

Monitor Size:

If your eyes are getting worse then going to a larger sized monitor would help. Most competitive players typically use a 24′ monitor with a few into the 27′ range. There are merits to both, but it’s all relative to how close you are to the monitor and what you’re comfortable with; sitting closer to a 22/24 inch can offer the same screen ‘size’ viewing real estate.

Resolution doesn’t play much of a factor here, despite what alot of people seem to believe. If anything a lower resolution with a more ‘pixelated’ screen would actually help more in that you’d see pixel shift in the distance a lot more easier than any subtle shifts offered by a higher resolution.

Another reason to stay at 1080p is because framerates play a far larger role than any screen fidelity offered by going to 1440p or beyond. Unless you have a robust computer, upgrading to a 1440p monitor you would push close to a 78% increase in pixels, so if you’re GPU bound you’re looking to have a decent hit in framerates. If you are committed to upgrading to a higher res and have an NVIDIA GPU, I’d recommend using DSR and trying out the higher resolution and see if you can take the performance hit before making that purchase.

In any case, if you’re having issues spotting enemies it might have a lot more to do with your technique than it is any monitor issues especially if you find that you don’t have any problem spotting enemies in other games.

Among many,  the most glaring differences I’ve noticed when we see replay clips, is that they typically pan their camera around like mad men thinking that it somehow helps when they should be doing the opposite. Standing still for a second and not moving the camera and looking for any movement is far more effective than having your ‘head on a swivel’

You have to make a conscious effort to spot people and more importantly get a handle on how the sound works in game. I’d suggest going into games and just having a sole purpose of practicing those things without worrying about trying to win and to get more accustomed to honing your technique.

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